The idea for the collection was born over sunset drinks in Goa. Phoebe Vickers on one side of the table and former college roommate Purna Khatau on the other. The concept? To create a complete vacation wardrobe, using luxe feel-good fabrics, sophisticated colors, and hand-crafted embellishments. The result? A collection of luxurious separates that embodies the modern bohemian spirit  - clothes fit for the side-streets of Paris to the beaches of Tulum, ensuring you are always dressed for the unexpected.

Khatau, born in Bombay and a former women’s wear buyer for Harvey Nichols Dubai, and Vickers, a New York native and accomplished photographer, draw inspiration from the things they love: The beauty of nature and animals, a fantastic party, and the magical destinations of the world - Paris and Kenya being their shared favorites.

Throw on a kaftan. Relax. And indulge yourself. 
We are your stylish escape.